expands the capacity for your business to grow and can be the key to success for any business that wants the edge over their competitors. We can provide these services for you or we can teach small business owners/teams how to accomplish any of these objectives. Here are our specialties:

1. Business Branding and PR

No one would argue that sales and marketing are important elements of business. But they are still just elements. Branding, on the other hand, is the communication of who you are. It’s your story. It’s the humanization of your organization. We can help you develop and spread your brand. Great PR is also important in these days where social media and online reviews can be harmful. We can establish, build, or if necessary, repair the reputation of your business. 

2. Website Development

Your website communicates the quality of your business. We’ll make your brand pop with a substantive, robust, functional, and well-articulated web presence. We care about the aesthetic beauty of your website and we also care about accessibility, clear navigation and user-intuitive interface, like clear calls to action (such as "Tap to Call" for mobile). We're all about beauty and function.    

3. Mobile Optimization

Is your website optimized for mobile? There are more than 315 million smartphones and tablets in the United States. We can make you look beautiful on all of them. The number of users who are primarily using mobile to find businesses has grown to 60% and that number is growing daily. The mantra for web design is no longer “mobile-friendly”; now it’s “mobile-first.” Not being optimized for mobile also affects your ranking in search engines. This is one area where your business simply can’t afford to fall behind. It’s super affordable to let us help you get your website accessible to everyone.

4. Lead Generation

We are in the business of helping local businesses get business! We love serving the local business community and helping you find new clients and customers. We get leads. We’re all about fueling the local economy and providing businesses with the valuable tools they need to sustain and grow. We combine our knowledge of web-based marketing, search engine optimization and social media with our knowledge of small businesses — putting business and tech together to generate business for you.

5. Local SEO

How does your business rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Are you on page 1 or even 2? Your competition is and that’s where all your marketshare is going until you rank. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a science that requires a great deal of knowledge about how businesses move up the ladder into viewable territory. We’ll help your business get found. Rank and bank!

6. Business Blogging

The pen is still mightier than the sword. An up-to-date blog demonstrates that you are a relevant expert in your field. Increase customer engagement for your company and be a fully engaged influencer in your niche community for existing and potential customers and clientele. A blog is also great for SEO. We can set it up for you to write, and/or we can create great content for you. Or choose our ghostwriting services which attribute full authorship to you.

7. Content Creation & Sales Copy

With so much bait out there, smart consumers want to be assured that you’re the right choice. Persuasive sales copy designed to compel customers has to be a central focus for emerging and growing businesses. Through the art of persuasive copy, we’ll establish your business as the best solution in the marketplace.

8. Ghost Writing

Successful business people are often just too busy to write. We develop content to help advance your business and fully credit the authorship to you. A client recently told us, “Your job is to make me look brilliant. And you are brilliant at just that.”

9. Social Media

Social media is a must these days. But it takes time, commitment, and consistency. ROI can’t be measured after a few months of one-offs. Inspire your prospects and customers to engage with your content and share it with others for greater online expansion. Let us establish and spread your brand through social.

10. Photography & Video Production

Digital imagery is an effective way to communicate your brand. Many small businesses have seen remarkable growth by effectively using the power of quality photography and video production through their marketing channels. We shoot, edit, and upload digital media to your website and all your social media platforms.

11. Small Business Coaching & Consulting

Entrepreneurs: Set goals and stay on track with a personal coach and/or business consultant. It’s not only affordable, it’s invaluable. We can set you up with weekly plans and actionable items designed to keep your business growing along with the ever-changing tech landscape. And we’ll keep you motivated! Contact us today to inquire about any of these services.