It takes information for businesses to grow. You remember it -- that ancient expression, the information superhighway. Yep, that changed everything for business. It paved the way for a new kind of economy: the knowledge economy. This massive shift created a new realm of opportunity for businesses like yours and mine, but it also created new needs. Who can keep up with it all? Savvy entrepreneurs who want to stay on top came to realize that all this new and always-evolving information requires help.     

Welcome to the Knowledge Economy

coaching vs consultingThe knowledge economy makes growth avenues and techniques extraordinarily available to entrepreneurs. Trade secrets don’t stay secret very long anymore. Nor other kinds of secrets for that matter, as illustrated by the recent Ashley Madison hack.

The knowledge economy elicits a love/hate feeling in most entrepreneurs. We’re simultaneously amazed and frustrated. This free-flowing super-gush of information is like a verdant and lush land of wonder and opportunity. But there are jitters here. Just when you get a handle on one thing, some sweeping change washes it all away. The knowledge economy is a blessing and a curse.

The advent of the knowledge economy gave new rise to the demand for coaches and consultants. Serious contenders in the sport of business know their value well. Here's a primer on what we do.  


This colossal volume of information wears us out just thinking about it. And, while all this new knowledge is accessible, it’s just too time consuming to scour, fact-check, and apply. At least for most busy business owners. How the heck can anyone who simply wants to increase profits negotiate the vast, varied, and always-changing terrain? That’s why smart entrepreneurs have consultants.


If that weren’t enough, there’s is also that arena of personal motivation and help to simply get through the day. It’s so easy to be intimidated by the competition and feel demoralized by our own sometimes-crippling self-doubt. We feel overwhelmed by ALL OF IT. That’s why smart entrepreneurs have coaches.

Coaches and consultants. Wouldn’t it be great to have both? Sounds expensive!

Not really. But more on that in a bit.   

Most often, these two essentials -- coaching and consulting -- are handled by different providers who specialize in one or the other. So entrepreneurs hire consultants to help them with the technical aspects of business and coaches to walk them through the psychological aspects of business. So which one of these two would best optimize your business for growth?

The Game-Changing Twofer

What if there were one resource to get both, affordably? I’m happy to say that there is. GrowMyLocalBiz offers a hybrid of these two vital resources for growth in the knowledge economy. It’s my passion to keep up with the blur of change and to help business owners do the same. I also love to motivate entrepreneurs to overcome their self-doubt and show them that they can, in fact, succeed.