We're all trying to solve the puzzle. We're entrepreneurs. We’re all trying to find what works. And the choice is, we can keep groping in the dark, or we can follow the clues that success leaves.

Amazon, the largest retailer, doesn't have a single store. Uber, the largest transportation company, doesn't have a single vehicle. And the king of hospitality -- Airbnb -- doesn't have a single hotel.

Everything is changing. And that's a good thing for entrepreneurialism in 2016.

To what can we attribute this shift?

The Internet.

Success leaves clues. Here are a few.

Everyone reading this has access to the Internet. That means you have every bit of opportunity that anyone else does to harness the power of information for success in business.

That leaves an awful lot of us without excuses! GrowMyLocalBiz.com is founded on this idea that success is everybody's opportunity.

Success isn't like a tennis match where there's one winner and one loser. The reality is that there's no limit to the amount of people who can win. It's available to anyone. And success leaves clues.

But there are principles to be grasped and applied. I gathered clues and I put together '9 Musts' in my book How to Grow Your Business Starting Now to help entrepreneurs grow in these amazing times.

Success leaves clues. The ‘9 Musts’ are clues collected from every growing business I’ve studied. They all have these 9 basic things in common. Download the free eBook below and get growing!

Once you've read the book, drop me a line and let's talk about how you can use these 9 Musts. You may already have some of these going for you. Even better. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle and we're all getting closer!

Success leaves clues. We're getting warmer. Here's the free e-book download...