“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” ― Picasso

The only problem with snooze is that time will still march on without pity and without you. I
won’t bore you with a discourse on the brevity of life. What I’d prefer we all do is make the
most of what we have. And sometimes that simply means forcing ourselves to begin if we
ever hope to see a breakthrough.

Often, the most powerful thing you can do is simply start. We can analyse ideas to death. If
snooze doesn't murder your goals, over-thinking sure can. I've seen hyper-analysis go on
and on in committees and boardrooms ad nauseam successfully accomplishing nothing
but the slow death of what otherwise could have been monumental achievements in

The truth is, most plans have a window.

See, in life, not only do we have the game clock -- our lifespans -- but we also have the play
clock -- the amount of time that it takes to execute a great plan.

Miss the window and eventually your plans will: 1) stop making sense for your business, or 2) cease to be relevant due to emerging technology, or 3) atrophy and that sucking sound is all your
passion going away.

Snooze is a bad idea. It’s a new morning. Just start. Sometimes the power of start is all the
fire we need to get on the road to growth in business.