Successful business for the long haul requires building your audience. The bigger your audience, the more influence you’ll earn. Establishing yourself as the go-to guru for your target market is the way to build a business that’ll sustain lasting results. And this means giving a lot of your expertise away for free for a good while.

There is no get-rich-quick success in social media if you want to establish yourself as a lasting brand with integrity and substance. People know sleazy when they see it and you don’t want to be numbered among all the fleeting purveyors of opt-in bait out there.

Your business will thrive on social media when you determine to do 3 things: Stay committed. Stay consistent. Stay current.

Your simple daily to-do list to establish brand on Facebook.

Once you’ve setup your Facebook Page with the look you want and all of the correct information in the About tab, here’s what you’ll want to commit to:

1. Promote your Facebook Page by spending $5 a day for awhile. 

You can’t buy likes but you can buy targeted exposure that leads to likes. So make sure you target your niche with Facebook’s simple targeting tools. You can garner up to about 1200 likes in about a month or so. You can probably get a few hundred of those free by simply inviting your Facebook friends to like your page.

2. Update your status at least 2 times a day.

After a few weeks, begin to study the Insights tab to see when your niche audience is viewing most. Send those updates at those best times. You can also schedule posts in advance.

3. Engage with anyone who comments on your updates. 

Engagement communicates accessibility and shows the world that you’re human. H2H Marketing (Human to Human) is the most effective way marketing works in digital spaces these days. Gone are the days of faceless monologue brands. The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

4. Make sure your status updates offer things that are free but convey value to your niche. 

This can even be a link to a helpful article from another trusted business source. Even though you’re linking them to another business, you’re establishing yourself as a helpful source of information.

The anatomy of a great post…

  • Post a picture. Images engage visual people. And images with quotes are even better. Create an image with a quote and your web address using PowerPoint or Google Slides then save as a .jpg to a folder and upload it to your Facebook post.
  • Add a little more text to your status update. It’s been shown that photo posts with more than 80 accompanying words get twice as much engagement as shorter posts without a picture. You read that right. More than 80 words. But don’t write a book.
  • Punctuate your posts. Did you know that posts with question marks perform 23% better? See what I did there? #Hashtags garner 60% more interaction. Even something as simple as an exclamation mark does 2.7% better! So always add punctuation to get #results.
  • ALWAYS add a link to your website. This is the opportunity to drive traffic to your primary business platform. Think of social media as a peripheral means to aim your target audience to the main stage of your business.
  • Link to your blog posts. Write at least one great blog post a week and use it as your status update during peak traffic times.
  • Add a video. Is there a helpful video that will help your growing audience? Share it.
  • Paid Post Boost. Got a blog post that you’re particularly proud of? Write one compelling blog post a week and boost that post for just $10 a week. That’s lunch money well spent.

Follow these steps every day for a year then look back and see how your audience has grown. Building on a foundation of integrity, your business will earn a good reputation and a loyal audience who will happily buy your products or use your services.