Staying stuck is a choice. There are always ways to get unstuck if you want to bad enough. One wise old friend put it this way: “Mark, you gotta have a want to.”

I can’t remember where I heard it, but let me offer a thought that helped me get unstuck:
“We don’t think ourselves into a new way of living; we live ourselves into a new way of

Another way to put it is this: New actions create new attitudes. Our minds have a way of
talking us out of doing great things. We have limiting beliefs. But they are unfounded.

Successes in smaller achievements leads to successes in larger achievements. That’s
momentum. We create momentum by starting small, or what some like to call “low-hanging
fruit.” Doing the easier things creates momentum and the encouragement to take on the
harder things.

So think of ONE small thing that you can do to grow your business today. Something that’s
entirely doable. A simple example might be writing an email to a client or to your client
database. Or writing a blog to share on your social media platforms.

Now go do it.

Okay you did it. Seeing how easy that was, make a goal to do it on a consistent basis,
perhaps daily, or whatever makes sense for your business niche. Make it a non-negotiable
habit, and don’t look for immediate results. See, the point is that you set up a new habit
and you stick to it. 

You may not see immediate results for your business, but know that the residual benefits are:

1. The long-term health of your business
2. You’re living your way into a new way of thinking
3. You're posturing yourself to take on bigger challenges

Old-think has to pass away for new-think to have its way. So you successfully lived yourself
into a new habit. Now what?

Rinse and repeat. Next!

List some next steps you can take, new goals to accomplish.