Digital marketing is a huge piece of the growth puzzle. While it will never completely replace a handshake and good old-fashioned face time, it has firmly established itself as a MUST for solid business growth.

By digital marketing, I mean everything -- from a strong, mobile-first web presence with a compelling brand, attractive content, and clear, obstruction-free calls-to-action, to SEO, email strategies, and a strong social media push to drive traffic to your amazing website.

There's just one caveat. It takes time, commitment, and consistency. If you will commit to digital marketing with a no-turning-back attitude it can't not work. It will render measurable results and consistent ROI.

One of my clients, for example, made the commitment almost a year ago. Her goal is to increase her profit margin and grow out of doing the field work herself and grow teams so that she can devote herself completely to running her business.

Today, her customer base has almost doubled, and that's after just one year of a strong commitment to her digital marketing efforts. She's doubled her clients and grown her work force, and is successfully making the transition from working in the field to working in the office and actually running a business -- for a change! Take a look at her website. 

So yes, constantly improve your product, get out there and shake some hands, ask people for referrals, and attend networking events. But also stay committed to digital marketing for the long haul as a key piece in your business growth strategy. It's all about hooks in the water.

I love to see businesses GROW. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the tangible evidence of growth for my clients. This passion gives me skin in their game and I can't rest until results come.

Staying on top of tech and trends is what gives entrepreneurs the leverage they need to increase profits from their efforts. A fresh approach to digital marketing will transform businesses and business owners and give them increasing passion and motivation for what they do.