Digital marketing is the new traditional marketing. Sure, I still have business cards. But the glossy side only has one thing on it: My web address. The backside has my tagline, phone number, email address, and yet again: My web address. 

So what’s in your wallet? 

Fact is, most people will never see my business card. Only those I meet face-to-face will ever lay their eyes on it. Before they chuck it in some drawer, my hope is to direct them to my REAL business card: My website. 

What does that say about the importance of a website? I guess that depends on how much you value your business. If you see your business as vital, the quality of your website will reflect that. 

Like it or not, your website says a lot about your business. And if being relevant in business is important to you, your website will be an outstanding reflection of that.

You’ll love it when people tell you that they saw your website. There's nothing worse than having to make excuses, again, when people say to you, “Yeah man, I visited your site, but….”  

And that’s also why it’s especially important for your site to be “responsive” -- beautiful and functional across all devices -- desktop, tablet, and phone. Especially phone. I mean, you wouldn’t want your business cards going to print with a 2-point font. Right? 

There are more than 315 million smartphones and tablets in the United States. The number of users who are primarily using mobile to find businesses has grown past 60% and that number is growing daily. The mantra for web design is no longer “mobile-friendly”; now it’s “mobile-first.” Not being optimized for mobile also affects your ranking in search engines. This is one area where your business simply can’t afford to fall behind. 

I mean we’re talking about your business, for crying out loud. Your website is your most precious digital asset. It's the FACE of your company. So make it the best business card ever.